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Alicia: Rediscovered her deeper soul

"I had no idea what to expect when I started this program, and had a goal that I'd love to start dating again by the end of it, since I hadn't been asked out in years. 

But then that happened so early on in the process by SO many men that I thought, "wow, I guess I have to set bigger goals!' But this work became so much more than just dating... 

I really started peeling back the layers of my own self & I have gained such a deeper understanding of who I am as a person in this world. 

And that is such a difficult gift to give someone, but I have absolutely received that from you, so Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! 

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive:

  • ​LIVE Q&A WEEKLY with Teal: ($1500 Value) Submit your questions and receive real time feedback each week as you go through the course!
  • MEDITATION MASTERY BONUS PACK: ($500 Value) 5 Powerful Guided Meditations to Instantly Put your Mind at Ease so you can Showcase your Authentic Self & Effortlessly Relax into Love
  • ONLINE DATING DONE RIGHT GUIDEBOOK: ($500 Value) Feel confident as you navigate the world of online dating! Get all the details on what to look for, how to make your profile pop, and what to say to continue keeping him PURSUING YOU!
  • PRE - DATE PEP TALKS: ($500 Value) Have your new BFF right there with you before each date, telling you all the things you need & want to hear to get you feeling grounded, sassy, and powerful before you go meet up with your new man! 

Madison: Now Engaged!

Breanna: Now Married!

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Now married!

Now in love

Now in love

Now in love

"The biggest thing I realized is that you really don't have to go "get the love". You can lean back and watch the ring naturally follow if you apply the tools and strategies that Teal is able to give you" - Clare

"Through this work, I have really learned how to manage my emotions and realize that they are such a gift. They are the things that make me passionate, and happy, and magnetic to men - and I don't need to hide from them anymore ..." - Lee

Now in love

Now Married

"Before working with Teal, I felt completely damaged. I had just gotten out of a painful divorce and had no sense of self or what I deserved. I now feel so full, whole and light & have a completely renewed sense of self, on top of an improved relationship with my kids, my ex- husband AND the new man in my life. I talk about Teal to everyone - Working with her has been one of the best experiences of my life." - Cynthia

"Since working with Teal I feel like an entirely different person. I had been single for years, and within a few weeks of working with Teal, I attracted an incredible man! I've become a lot softer, and learned a lot of skills in how to sort out communication issues that I had struggled with in past relationships. He can now really hear me and understand me - And that was really ground-breaking, and liberating! If you're considering working with Teal - you have to do it... You simply must. It will change your life." - Elena

Get ready to RADICALLY SHIFT your love life!

I Understand That When I Act Now, 

I get Unlimited Access to the 
Relax into Love Master Course, which includes:

  • How to unlock your innate feminine power center so you can attract high quality men who are ready for a long term committed relationship
  • Feel truly seen, adored and loved for the woman you genuinely are so you can stop settling, sacrificing or limiting yourself to men who don't deserve you.
  • Experience a deep heart to heart connection with the man you've had your eye on so you can create the space for him to open his heart to fall in love with you.
  • Communicate your needs and boundaries from a place of power so that you can feel secure in knowing that he can truly hold you & be the man you need him to be
  • Experience peace, joy and ease in relationships so you can relax and know that this area of your life is finally secure and deeply fulfilling.
  • Finally get started in dreaming up that fairy tale wedding so you can check the box on "long lasting love" and start focusing your mental energy on giving your truest gifts for the world.
I understand that the total value for all this is over $15,997 USD...

But, because I want to make this accessible to as many women as possible, when you act now
$15,997 USD
$997 USD 

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get “Relax into Love Master Course ” is another minute stay stuck in your current relationship pattern. Put the power of “Relax into Love Master Course ” to work for you so you can quickly and easily Unlock Your Feminine Magnetism, Attract Your Dream Man, & Relax Into Love!

Saying YES to yourself tells me, your future man, and the world that you're ready to have what you want.

Is the investment for what you could GAIN worth more than what do you have to lose? 

Yeah, I thought so.

Let's Get Started! 

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